Jobs In A Museum

Working in a museum can be very interesting and fun. There are all different types of job roles available in a museum. The opening and closing times of each muse480_900-01E1E14A-CCC9-42D9-BCBE-E38CECAE52EEum may be different but the roles are usually very similar in nature. However it does depend on the type museum it is and how big the museum is.

It goes without saying that bigger museums will obviously need more staff as opposed to smaller museums. The truth is that working in a museum can be one of the most rewarding and enriching working experiences that exist.


A curator is a very interesting job which entails many different facets. Generally the curator manages and is responsible for all the artistic pieces. This may include the gathering, collecting, managing, assembling, researching and cataloging as well as much more.

Exhibition designer

Exhibition designers are the ones who are responsible for the layout and design of the exhibition and it’s pieces. They decide what goes where and how it is displayed. They work with conceptual designs and then make it happen in the physical space.


This job entails working with old objects and restoring them. In a museum setting they deal with many artifacts which their job entails restoring back to its original era. He conservator has a very important job because this person needs to really make sure that the objects are saved.


A registrar is responsible for all the record keeping. It is their job to ensure that everything is properly documented and accounted for.


A museum educator is the person who gets to teach and educate the public about the museum and exhibitions. They teach the staff about the museum and they teach the general public. They are responsible for designing tours and school programs for people who visit the museum.